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Beetle Convertible

Yes, we love bugs, Volkswagen bugs! (not to be confused with real bugs, which depending on what type, we are actually very into)… and that’s how we got our name…

Serving South Florida for over 16 years, we have experience resurrecting not only VWs, but many foreign and American, vintage automobiles and motorcycles including:


  • German – VW, Porsche, Opel, Messerschmitt, BMW
  • English – MG, Triumph, Jaguar, Austin Healy, Austin Mini
  • French – Citroën, Peugeot, Renault
  • Italian – Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Masseratti
  • Japanese – Mazda (rotary)

Scooters and Mopeds:

  • Austria – Puch
  • Itaian – Vespa, Lambretta
  • Japanese – Honda, Kawasaki

We strongly believe in true performance for these classic babes, and fading the line between performance and reliability. All we aim for is to surpass your expectations on what your motor can do and how fast it can do it!

We love a challenge, we thrive for the most rare and complicated projects, the ones that no one will do.

What We Do

We are also completely dedicated and passionately looking for the the best possible services and products to make and deliver anything that is requested of us. All of our services are performance driven and these include:

  • Resurrections: we specialize in bringing back to life cars and bikes after 10, 20, or, our shop record, 44 years of not running
  • Tune ups: this include oil change, plug change, spark plug wires, cap and rotor, timing  adjustment, points resetting, carburetor adjustment, intake filter, fuel filter.
  • Interior and upholstery: from the carpet to the headliner, we will do it.
  • Paint: from a single sage to a multi-coat show paint job. We also powder coat (not in house).
  • Body and rust work: section a car, chopped roof,  suicide doors, making a limo, shrinking the car, floor replacement, metal patching, media blasting, etc.
  • Electrical: from a simple short circuit to a complete re wiring job
  • Engine: from a valve latch adjustment to a  bore and stroke motor, cam degree-ing, port and polish, naturally aspirated  high compression motors, turbo set ups (carburated or electronic fuel injection – EFI), stand alone set up, dress up and beautifying .
  • Tuning: jetting , timing, Dyno tuning , street tuning , wide band O2 sensor readings.
  • Fabricating: roll cages, fully adjustable suspension components, half chassis, full chassis, boxing and strengthening of the chassis.

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  1. Ralph Ramirez - September 11, 2014 2:33 pm

    loooking to put back together my 1974 karmman Ghia Convert
    already painted and body done off pan


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