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How to Raise your VW

Suspension-wise, all VWs rely on the same principle – torsion springs and torsion bars – if you can understand how this works, then you can tweak your VW suspension system to do what you want, whether is bringing it up or down. To lift the front of your VW, one[…]

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Accelerating Your Vintage Car

Most classic cars barely touch 65 miles per hour, and with everyone else doing 85 to 90 miles on the highway, classic car owners see themselves constantly avoiding close call coalitions just because they can’t keep up with speed. Road conditions demand for higher performance from classic cars, and with[…]

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The Volkswagen History

In 1930s Germany, when cars cost more than most people earned in a year, Hitler came up with this idea of having a “People’s Car” (the literal English translation of Volkswagen), which will be affordable for the average individual. This was one of Hitler’s political promises to the German people.[…]

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