Vintage History

History: The MG Car Company

MG Stands for Morris Garages, which was the Oxford distributor for Morris cars; co-incidentally, it was also owned by William Morris, later Lord Nuffield. When Cecil Kimber became its general manager in 1922, the firm started modifying standard Morris Cowleys, lowering the chassis and fitting more sporting bodywork. Morris Garages[…]

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The Volkswagen History

In 1930s Germany, when cars cost more than most people earned in a year, Hitler came up with this idea of having a “People’s Car” (the literal English translation of Volkswagen), which will be affordable for the average individual. This was one of Hitler’s political promises to the German people.[…]

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Who doesn’t love a Vespa?

A wasp story. Ever since their introduction in 1945 by Enrico Piaggio, the second owner of Piaggio and Co. (founded by his father Rinaldo) Vespa scooters have gained the love of not only Italy and the rest of Europe, but the rest of the world as well. The Piaggio company,[…]

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