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How to Raise your VW

Suspension-wise, all VWs rely on the same principle – torsion springs and torsion bars – if you can understand how this works, then you can tweak your VW suspension system to do what you want, whether is bringing it up or down.

To lift the front of your VW, one of the best and inexpensive options is cutting and turning the beam. This procedure involves cutting the center section that uncovers the torsion springs, rotating it and then welding it back in place. The effect will be an increased load on the torsion springs, raising your car’s front suspension by about 4 inches.

To raise the back of your VW, one thing you can do is switching your current transmission (either IRS or Swing Axle) to one with a reduction box. When you attach the leaf spring to the reduction box, the length of the reduction box between the center of the top gear and the center of the bottom gear is 3 inches, giving you an automatic 3 inches height.

After switching to a reduction box tranny, you can get an additional two inches by making a torsion bar adjustment. This will involve removing the torsion bar cover and the spring plate – mark the spring plate to the original setting against the chassis and then remove the spring plate. Click down two or three times depending on the height that you want. When you go to put it back, the bottom bolt will not match up; to fix this take a bite out of the spring plate with a grinder and grind down the step on the frame on the bottom bolt hole, then you will be able to reinstall the spring plate and spring plate cover without fighting the torsion bar. All this will result in your car being raised a full 5 inches or more.

Also keep in mind that while the reduction box is under the power of the motor, the whole back of your car will spruce up like cat and move forward completely jacked up, as long as the power bend is there.

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Also, learn more about how to raise your VW by watching this video:

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