1969 FIAT 500 L

This 1969 FIAT 500 L project was done in 2009. The project was specific to the engine bay, motor and transmission.

Internally for the engine, we recommended converting this FIAT from a 500 to a 750 with a piston kit. For this, the head had to be fly cut and bore out to accommodate for the new displacement. We raised the compression from 175 PSI to 205 PSI, which is about 12:1 ratio. We also added a set of double springs and a 1-2-3 ignition.

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The car already had a good overlap cam shaft, which helped put the power band from 2500 to 7000 when we degree the cam correctly. The last improvement for this Fiat’s engine was a new oil pump, as a precautionary measure to uphold all the work that had been done. For the transmission, we fabricated new linkage, as some the pieces were not available.

For the restoration work, everything that came out of the car, when we took the engine apart, was sandblasted and powder coated. Whatever was metal, took a zinc-based primer that served as a zinc anode. This process prevents the rust from creeping back up to the metal; rust will only attack the zinc. For the paintwork, we chose a combination of red texture for the firewall and red barren, as well as some accents in candy red.