Mud-Proofed THING

Our friend Pascal Moran wanted to go on a mud adventure with his VW Thing and he requested the help of Buggods to achieve better performance in the mud.

Pascal has driven his Thing through mud in the past, but he has never being able to get into deep mud and his car has functioned mediocrely. That is why we decided to raise his Thing 4 inches on both the front and the back, and help him attain a higher center of gravity so that he can go into deeper mud.

We also gave this Thing a new transmission. We had an Illusive Alpine transmission (with a reduction box) at the shop, which had been kept away for a long time – I guess waiting for a time like this– and Pascal was lucky enough to get it for his Thing.  This tranny has very short gears, not that great for top end use, but for off road is the ticket!

One of the things about the reduction box is that the actual transmission is running in reverse, the differential has been flipped in order to provide forward momentum. Engineering mistake? Maybe, but it makes the off road use of this tranny more desirable because your whole rear suspension will lift and stiffen (and as long as you are on the power band in your motor), getting you out of almost anything.

Because of this lifting feature, this tranny has been off road proofed for decades!

Pascal will be going in the mud with his awesome Thing at Redneck Yacht Club this 4th of  July weekend! Happy Independence Day to ya’ll.

Check out this article if you’d like to know how to raise your own VW.

Watch Video of Pascal testing his Thing: